About Tape

Our Mission

Tape Events has one mission: to bring your vision to life by creating a memorable event, unlike any other you have attended before. We aim to plan an event that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime. Our process includes giving you full control throughout the entire design and implementation process. We know that the first step to creating a unique event for your occasion is to consult with you, so we can deeply understand your specific needs and requirements

The team

Our staff is comprised of seasoned event planners, creative specialists, advisors, and technical producers. We work side by side with a network of trusted suppliers nationwide to deliver high quality event design. We believe in attention to detail: from couture printed materials to custom furnishing, our creative consultants can add the perfect final touch to your event.

Our experience

Thanks to our years of experience with a wide range of clients nationwide, Tape Events has built long-term client relationships with a diverse client base. We specialize in a diverse range of corporate functions, from small high-end gala dinners to larger scale events, such as conferences and live concerts. Be it a sporting event or a family entertainment show, our people have the experience and expertise to make your vision come to life. Our principles are creativity, excellence, integrity, and teamwork. Tape Events also strives to achieve high sustainability standards by mitigating our impact on the environment and the community. These values permeate every project we deliver and contribute to a successful outcome.


Depending on your individual needs, the Tape Events team can provide you with expert consulting and guidance, or offer a complete, personalized solution, including design, implementation, and on-site management. From finding the right venue and choosing the theme for your event, to arranging transportation and accommodation for your guests, our enthusiastic, highly dedicated staff can guide you through the maze of event planning!

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